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WHAT IS A vidapp?

A vidapp is an app specifically designed to sell premium video content.

Here are just a few features:

Stream or download
Videos can be instantly streamed or downloaded for offline viewing.
Free to install and preview
Full-length content is unlocked via in-app purchases.
HD High Definition
Videos can be played HD, SD and LD.
Easy to update
Release new videos and update your app through our website.
Buy or rent
Choose whether customers can buy or rent your content.
Your content is secure
Users never have direct access to your videos.
Include PDFs and MP3s
As free add-ons or as items for sale.
Send push notifications
Let your users know when you release new videos and apps.
Customer support included
We handle all technical customer support for you.
Developed native for Apple and Android.
As Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said, the future of TV is in apps.

Here are five more reasons you should publish your videos as apps:

1. Your content is invisible to app store users if you don't have an app.
By publishing your videos as apps, millions of people will be able to find and purchase your content in the Apple and Android app stores.
2. Tablet and smartphones are forecast to be the majority platform for video by 2016. 1
Video viewing on tablets and smartphones has exploded from being almost non-existent in 2011.
Source - Ooyala Global Video Index Q4 2014
3. 85% of users prefer apps over mobile websites. 2
Apps are faster, more convenient and provide additional functionality (like downloading videos directly to your device for offline viewing).
4. Apps now generate more revenue than Hollywood movies. 3
While most app store revenue comes from games, apps are now a serious business.
5. Sell to Apple and Android users without listing your videos in iTunes and Google Play.
The main alternative to launching apps is to list your videos for sale in iTunes and Google Play. That can be expensive, plus it's also no longer possible if you're selling how-to videos 4 (and it's difficult even if you're selling other types of video content).
We offer a range of pricing options, from a self-publishing option with minimal upfront costs, to a premium authoring service with a low revenue share component.
— Option 1 — Self Publish Use our self-publishing platform to release your own video apps with minimal upfront costs. $49 upfront 20%* revenue share — Option 2 — Basic Authoring Send us your videos or DVDs and we will design and publish your apps for you. From $199 upfront 20%* revenue share — Option 3 — Premium Authoring Retain more of your sales, while leaving a small revenue share component to cover bandwidth costs, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. From $449 upfront 10%* revenue share
Please note, the starting prices above are based on including up to 10 purchasable videos and 4 hours in total video duration per app.
Fixed price plans can be negotiated on a case by case basis, please contact us to discuss this if you're interested.
* In addition to our revenue share, Apple and Google take a 30% share of all sales through their app stores.
Build your own vidapp from our selection of pre-designed screens.
All views work in portrait and landscape, for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices.